Baustoffe für verantwortungsvolles Bauen und Sanieren

In cooperation with nature to achieve maximum performance

Creating values and maintaining values. Decades of experience and expertise to provide highly qualified, sustainable solutions in the areas of new construction, preservation of existing buildings, renovation and monument protection.

Take responsibility and work with nature.

aerodurit® develops high-performance building materials to prevent and eliminate serious problems caused by all kinds of moisture – for example, flooding, heavy rain, capillary rising damp or condensation. Our products offer you considerable advantages as a builder-owner, as they are designed to provide lasting protection and maintain the value of properties. We only use high-quality raw materials in combination with our innovative, inorganic aerodurit® additives. We also offer sustainable solutions in thermal insulation without biocides and polystyrene.

Pioneer in restoration plaster technology

aerodurit® has carried out thousands of renovation projects from 1950 onwards or supplied special additives and know-how (on-site mixing) to large construction companies and property developers. It was only after the turn of the millennium that it was decided to distribute finished products (bagged goods). At the same time, we expanded our product range.

In the meantime, aerodurit® technology is freely available for everyone.

For almost 70 years, aerodurit® has been asserting itself with innovative solutions on the highly competitive building material market. Our restoration plaster technology was developed within the scope of scientific research on lightweight concrete in contact with oxygen. These findings were incorporated into the groundbreaking aerodurit® mortar technology, which already allowed successful moisture removal before the development of conventional restoration plasters.

Today, as a pioneer in the field of restoration plaster technology, we use our experience and expertise to offer highly qualified, sustainable solutions in the areas of new building, preservation, renovation and listed buildings.

Working with nature

aerodurit® is committed to a clear philosophy: we use the physical laws of nature to achieve a unique functionality with our products. Our claim to work with nature and never against it gives us extraordinary innovative power.

aerodurit® high-performance building materials provide a healthy indoor climate and thus have a positive effect on health and quality of life. They protect the masonry and preserve valuable building fabric. Sustainable and natural.

We take responsibility

We take our responsibility towards future generations extremely seriously and maintain the values of our customers on a long-term basis. aerodurit® stands up against the disposable mentality, fast-moving trends and the massive use of dubious insulation systems with partly unsolved disposal problems and environmental influences.

For this reason, we manufacture almost all aerodurit® products using natural raw materials and without synthetic chemistry. They consist of high-quality raw materials in combination with special, purely natural, inorganic active ingredients. In production, we also focus on the highest quality and mst sustainable production methods.

Sustainability is our mission

With aerodurit®, you have an experienced partner at your side, who supports you to preserve values effectively and sustainably. Our experience shows: we always find a solution to create modern standards of well-being in the event of flooding or demanding renovation projects, even in listed buildings.

We live customer orientation

The diverse areas of application of our building materials are the result of an intensive exchange of experience with craftsmen, property developers, architects and building owners. If there is still no solution to your specific problem, we will develop one especially for you!

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