Save time and money with aerodurit® building materials

Building and renovation with natural building materials from aerodurit®

Nature as a model. Benefit from the excellent quality of our breathable building materials and save time and money. They are easy and quick to process, highly efficient and free from synthetic chemicals.

Time and cost savings with the innovative building materials from aerodurit®

At aerodurit®, we have been strongly committed to modern, innovative and sustainable construction for decades. With our products, we pursue a clear vision: »Creating value. Maintaining value. For people.« This is what we are committed to – even if it means making the impossible possible. From stables to residential buildings, rapid drying of buildings after flood damage, and restoration of old monastery walls. Where others only see problems, we find reliable, creative solutions. You can trust in our experience!

Feel good. Breathe. Save costs.

Anyone building a new home today wants to be 100% sure that it will be the perfect home for the family. aerodurit® offers you a wide range of high-performance building materials that will bring you a big step closer to this goal. Our innovative building materials are non-hydrophobic and highly breathable.

There is one well-known fact in the construction industry: building owners rush into the house as soon as the craftsmen have applied the last brushstroke, which – even if many people are not aware of it – can unfortunately result in serious damage, especially through mould.

Property developers and building owners benefit.

Thanks to aerodurit® microporous technology, however, waiting times for a safe move-in are drastically reduced, as the building fabric remains breathable! A comfortable climate, energy efficiency, as well as time and cost savings, are convincing arguments for the use of sustainable aerodurit® products.

Creating value. Maintaining value.

On the one hand, building a house fills you with proud satisfaction and, on the other hand, it is always synonymous with creating a piece of the future and an asset for future generations. The valuable building fabric should last for a long time. Especially in locations threatened by flooding or in more damp regions, this desire represents a particularly great challenge, as the masonry is exposed to extreme conditions.

Nature as a model.

Here, a factor that, of course, also applies to less problematic locations, becomes very clear: nature cannot be stopped. Water and moisture cannot be shut out in the long term, and there is no way to prevent salts and pollutants from the air or soil from attacking the building fabric in the long term. For this reason, the use of building materials that work with nature, not against it, is invaluable from the very beginning.

Economic efficiency is a must.

The processing of our products is as easy as their success is impressive − and at a highly attractive price/performance ratio. aerodurit® building materials are economical and can be processed quickly. In comparison with other renovation methods, they therefore offer enormous savings potential.

Renovation or demolition?

Living space is expensive and in short supply, especially in metropolitan areas. In the case of existing buildings, the question always arises: demolish and rebuild or maintain and renovate? This is not an easy decision to make, as the necessary know-how is often lacking to solve the problems associated with old buildings safely and sustainably.

The renovation professionals.

Demolition is problematic in many aspects, especially in large cities. This is initially due to practical considerations such as the protection of neighbouring buildings or narrow streets, and also as a result of the desired − and often demanded − preservation of the historically grown cityscape. Preserving existing building fabric is therefore often the preferred option, even if this means drying out walls, dealing with smells and mould, and finding sustainable solutions for healthy living in historic buildings.

It all depends on the proper building materials.

And these are obvious with the high-performance building materials from aerodurit® − especially the microporous special restoration plasters. They are up to the challenges that many manufacturers turn a blind eye to. Even the conversion of a former chicken coop into a charming, modern living dream is possible!

No magic and no synthetic chemistry. We use simple physical laws and make nature our ally. The results are building materials that meet the highest standards.

We are happy to advise you.


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