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Historical lime plasters and finishes

Only those who know the past can shape the future sensibly. With aerodurit® HISTORICAL, we show respect for the architecture and building art of past times and do justice to our concern to preserve historical values. However, the field of application is by no means limited to listed buildings or old buildings.

Thermal insulation (not only) in listed buildings

The rebirth of natural thermal insulation

Listed buildings are often architectural gems whose historical substance and appearance should be preserved for the next generation. We are happy to support you in this worthwhile task with enthusiasm, expertise and specially developed products. Often, modern insulation material has to be dispensed with, but this does not mean that your traditional building has to remain an energy guzzler. Against this background, we developed the aerodurit® PHOENIX lime thermal insulation system. It is worth noting that products that meet the extremely high demands of listed buildings are, of course, also perfectly suitable for all other building projects.

Floors and walls based on historical models

Historical floors and walls sometimes survive for centuries; their quality and high-grade appearance still inspire and fascinate us today. This was the driving force for us to develop high-quality, durable and sustainable building materials for unique living experiences. With aerodurit® SKY GROUND and aerodurit® SKY SHAPE, you have the possibility to create individual surfaces according to historical models without having to renounce the proven properties of our building materials. Let your imagination run wild, because the possibilities are almost endless. Ask us for more information!


Experience the aerodurit® PHOENIX lime heat insulation system

Lime thermal insulation plaster aerodurit® PHOENIX

aerodurit® PHOENIX
Lime Thermal Insulation Renovation Plaster

The Phoenix stands for heat and regenerative power. Experience the rebirth of sustainable, purely natural insulation without polystyrene etc. Our thermal insulation plaster is completely chemical-free. Perfect for old and new buildings: highly breathable and resistant to damp and salt.


aerodurit® IMMORTAL reinforcing plaster / mortar

aerodurit® IMMORTAL
Air-Lime Reinforcing Plaster

Make your interior and exterior walls (almost) immortal! Our air-lime reinforcing mortar is a purely mineral, biologically designed lime filler and reinforcing mortar. With high mechanical load-bearing capacity, it is used to reinforce the surface of the aerodurit® PHOENIX Lime Thermal Insulation Plaster System.



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