Lime thermal insulation plaster aerodurit® PHOENIX

The rebirth of natural thermal insulation

aerodurit® stands against the disposable mentality and the massive use of dubious insulation systems with partly unsolved disposal problems and environmental influences. Our aerodurit® PHOENIX lime heat insulation system is the answer to ETIC systems and the trend towards »total isolation« from nature and the environment.

Lime thermal insulation plaster for listed buildings

The Phoenix brings warmth and new power – also in your home

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Renovation Lime
Heat Insulation Plaster


  • Thermal insulation plaster (WLG 055)
  • Without biocides, polystyrene and cork
  • High resistance to moisture and salt
  • Accelerated carbonation
  • Regulates humidity and room climate
  • High diffusivity
  • Monolithic plaster structure
  • Natural, biological, sustainable

Special Applications

  • Suitable for listed buildings
  • Also suitable for cellars, vaults, etc
  • Old and new buildings
  • External and internal use
without polystyrene
high breathable
Lime thermal insulation plaster aerodurit® PHOENIX

At a glance

Machine processing Machine
Manual processing Manual
External and internal plaster External and
internal plaster
High daily performance High daily performance

aerodurit® Characteristics

Renovation, wall dehumidification60%

New buildings, renovation, ecological100%

Thermal insulation, listed buildings100%

Accelerated construction process, durability50%

Article no. Grain size Appearance Product yield (20 mm application thickness) Container Supply unit quantity
ad0700 0–6 mm Light beige ca. 6.6 kg/m²; 9 kg bag = ca. 1.4 m² 9 kg paper bag 40 pc. / euro pallet


PHOENIX Renovation Lime Heat Insulation Plaster

aerodurit® PHOENIX Lime Thermal Insulation Plaster System

Air is life

The phoenix stands for heat and regenerative power

The Phoenix brings warmth and new power – also to your home. Experience the rebirth of breathable, sustainable and natural thermal insulation without polystyrene (Styrofoam) or other materials that end up in special waste in the medium term.

Cost reduction through thermal insulation – completely natural. The demands on a sustainable building structure are high. Completely in line with our premise »Building materials for generations«, the rock-solid, monolithic plaster structure (masonry »in one piece«) creates longevity for years.

Like all of our building materials, the aerodurit® PHOENIX lime thermal insulation system is diffusibility and offers a high resistance to moisture and salt, making it ideal for use in cellars and vaults.

Working with nature, not against it

aerodurit® has committed itself to a clear philosophy: We use the physical laws of nature to achieve a unique functionality with our products. Our claim to work with nature and never against it drives us to extraordinary innovative power.

We take our responsibility towards future generations extremely seriously and maintain the values of our customers on a long-term basis. Therefore almost all aerodurit® products are natural and free of synthetic chemistry. They consist of selected raw materials in combination with special, purely natural, inorganic active ingredients.

Developed not only for listed buildings

The purely mineral-based premixed dry mortar, which was designed with building biology in mind, is also the ideal insulating and heat-insulating plaster from the point of view of building physics, and is suitable for old and new buildings, as well as especially for renovation projects in the field of historic preservation.

Listed buildings are usually architectural gems whose historical substance and appearance should be preserved. A wonderful task, in which we would be pleased to support you. Often insulation material has to be dispensed with, but this does not mean that your traditional building has to remain an energy guzzler. For this reason we developed the aerodurit® PHOENIX lime heat insulation system – and what meets the high demands of listed buildings is also perfectly suited for your home.

Intelligent use of product synergies

The aerodurit® PHOENIX lime heat insulation system impressively shows how sensible and effective the well thought-out use of the aerodurit® product range is. The individual components complement each other optimally in their mode of action and can be combined in a variety of ways and according to the respective requirements.

Breathing building materials

With the diffusibility (tight and permeable at the same time) of our technology, we solve problems with moisture, dampness and mould in the long term. Due to this natural and highly efficient mode of action aerodurit® is used at the latest when conventional systems fail and the demand for healthy, ecologically safe living becomes loud.


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