aerodurit® GIGACEM Rapid Cement

The essence of aerodurit® research

The cement of superlatives. Screed and concrete work made easy: Through simple processing, floor surfaces, walls and building structures can be quickly made ready for walking on – free of synthetic additives and questionable chemicals.

High-end fast-hardening cement

The high-performance building material for concrete and screed work

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High-End Fast-Hardening Cement


  • Screed is walkable and ready for covering faster
  • Up to 20% lighter than conventional screed
  • Cement savings of up to 50 % possible
  • Free of synthetic chemicals
  • Waterproof and diffusible
  • Heat-insulating and sound-absorbing
  • Barely shrinks, does not creep
  • No sedimentation

Special applications

  • As rapid screed, lightweight cement screed, insulating screed, heated screed
  • For concrete work, as repair mortar etc.
highly breathable
non hydrophobic
aerodurit® GIGACEM Rapid Cement

At a glance

Machine processing Machine
Manual processing Manual
Interior and exterior Interior and exterior High daily output High daily output

aerodurit® Characteristics

Renovation, wall dehumidification100%

New buildings, renovation, ecological90%

Thermal insulation, listed buildings40%

Accelerated construction process, durability100%

Article no. Appearance Product yield Container Supply unit quantity
ad0900 Cement grey See technical data sheet 25 kg paper bag 42 pc. / euro pallet


aerodurit® GIGACEM
High-End Fast-Hardening Cement


»Because time is money«

The solution is simple, you just have to find it

Time is money. This is especially true in construction. For building owners, long wait times mean high additional costs. Delays can be expensive because each construction project only allows a certain amount of work to be carried out at the same time. The drying time of conventional screeds can be delayed by a month or more until they are ready for covering. This is much faster. Save valuable time with aerodurit® GIGACEM.

Concrete and screed made easy

With aerodurit® GIGACEM high-end fast-hardening cement, screed and concrete work is easy. Professionals and do-it-yourselfers can produce fast walkable floor surfaces, walls and building constructions that are ready for covering – without expensive equipment. The resulting building components are diffusible, waterproof and deformation-free.

Save time and money

As a screed, aerodurit® GIGACEM is ready for covering after only a few days. And this is true for all mixing ratios. Many fast-hardening cements fail especially in higher mixing ratios beyond the standard mixture of 1:4. aerodurit® GIGACEM can also be used in high mixing ratios of up to 1:8, which allows cement savings of up to 50%.

Good thermal insulation values

Screed and concrete surfaces produced with aerodurit® GIGACEM are 15-20% more lightweight (homogeneously distributed closed micro air pores) than conventional screed and concrete parts. Due to the high percentage of micro air pores, aerodurit® GIGACEM achieves excellent thermal insulation values - without relevant loss of compressive strength. The bending tensile strength is also higher than with conventional materials.

Natural, mineral, building biology

aerodurit® GIGACEM is due to a special formulation free from synthetic additives and questionable chemicals. These are often found in fast-hardening cement. aerodurit® GIGACEM thus meets the high ecological demands of architects, real estate planners and building owners.

More high-end building materials

aerodurit® AS202X Micropore screed

aerodurit® AS202X
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All-in-one! Laying screed has never been so easy and effective: versatile as a quick screed, lightweight cement screed, insulating screed or heated screed. Accelerated construction process due to high daily output and good levelling properties. Suitable for damp rooms, permanently wet areas, renovation and refurbishment work.


aerodurit® PFK One-component special grout

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Grouting becomes child's play. Outstanding performance data and the use of a joint depth of 20 mm or more for large-format bricks and panels to give you enormous freedom of design and planning. For new grouting and repair of natural and concrete stone surfaces and the design of terraces, squares and paths. Have a look at our grout joint mortar.


aerodurit® SOLAMENT REFLECT Climate acrylic paint

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Acrylic paints without any plasticizers and with a strong heat-reflecting effect through thermo-pigmentation outdoors and thermo-insulating and regulating properties indoors. Our acrylic paint is very smooth and has good coating properties.


aerodurit® ZEP2040 – Our dehumidifying footing plaster

aerodurit® ZEP2040
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The big brother of aerodurit® EP2010 - the perfect team when the going gets tough. Mineral, non-hydrophobic dehumidifying plaster for drying walls and as a preventive measure in damp areas. High impact resistance and salt resistance make it the ideal hardwall plaster (footing plaster).

aerodurit® ZEP2040


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