aerodurit® ZEP2040 – Our dehumidifying footing plaster

The hard breathable skin. All natural.

Nature as a model. The big brother of aerodurit® EP2010. Breathable, mineral, non-hydrophobic interior and exterior plaster for wall dehumidification and as a precautionary measure in humid areas. High impact resistance and salt resistance make it the ideal footing plaster.

The impact-resistant, highly breathable footing plaster

When the going gets tough, our flagship product will not let you down

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Cement Micropore Specialised Restoration Plaster


  • Active capillary dehumidification
  • Very high impact resistance
  • Very high salt resistance
  • Regulates the micro-climate in damp rooms
  • Anti-mould effect
  • No stand time between individual layers
  • Homogenous plaster structure (one material for the entire plasterwork)

Special Applications

  • Footing plaster
  • Rapid dehumidification after floods
  • Preventive protection in floodwater areas
  • Suitable for perimeter areas
  • Plaster for stables
  • Old and new buildings
  • External and internal plaster
non hydrophobic
water vapour diffusion resistance
aerodurit® ZEP2040 – Our dehumidifying footing plaster

At a glance

Machine processing Machine
Manual processing Manual
External and internal plaster External and
internal plaster
High daily performance High daily performance

aerodurit® Characteristics

Renovation, wall dehumidification100%

New buildings, renovation, ecological95%

Thermal insulation, listed buildings20%

Accelerated construction process, durability100%

Article no. Grain size Appearance Product yield (20 mm application thickness) Container Supply unit quantity
ad0020 0 – 1.8 mm Light grey ca. 30 kg/m²; 30 kg Sack = ca. 1.2 m² 30 kg paper bag 42 pc. / euro pallet


ZEP2040 Cement Micropore Specialised Restoration Plaster
CS IV /DIN EN 998-1

Solid as a rock

Perhaps the best footing plaster

As a mineral cement plaster aerodurit® ZEP2040 offers versatile application possibilities and fulfils the highest demands. The use of high-quality cement, tempered with the proven aerodurit® additives gives aerodurit® ZEP2040 high water vapour diffusion resistance, increased adhesion, very high impact resistance and excellent salt resistance. These properties make it the perfect plaster in damp areas, e.g. for footing areas, city walls or basement renovation without expensive drying measures.

Special building materials open to diffusion

With the diffusivity (sealed and permeable at the same time) of our microporous technology, we solve problems with moisture, dampness and mould in the long term. Due to this natural and highly efficient mode of action, aerodurit® EP2010/ZEP2040 is used at the latest when conventional systems fail and the demand for healthy, ecologically safe living becomes clear.


During mixing, a special pore system is created in the plaster mortar of our dehumidifying plasters, which helps to dry out damp walls in a very short time. Due to the physical principle of capillarity, the damp wall is literally »sucked dry«. The removal of moisture and rapid evaporation result in extremely fast drying of the wall. Salts stored in the wall thus crystallise once inside the masonry and do not cause any damage.

If there is a further rise in moisture, fine particles carried along in the water contribute to the natural narrowing of these ascending paths through sintering. This creates a permanent, natural barrier and prevents renewed moisture penetration. The diffusivity and functionality of the pore system are permanently preserved. Additional measures such as sawing walls, placing metal sheets and the use of chemical substances, etc. become unnecessary.

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