Lime plaster aerodurit® KP2060

The effective purist

Tension-free and highly breathable active air-lime plaster without cement and pozzolanic additives, which is also characterised by increased cohesion and good adhesion to the substrate. Of course, aerodurit® KP2060 is also non-hydrophobic and shows extremely fast carbonation (hardening).

Renovation with our best lime plaster

Tension-free and highly breathable air-lime plaster without cement or pozzolana

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Micropore Air-Lime Plaster


  • Without cement or pozzolana
  • Accelerated carbonation
  • Regulates humidity and room climate
  • Reduced shrinkage behaviour
  • High diffusivity
  • Homogenous plaster structure (one material for the entire plasterwork)
  • Natural, biological, sustainable
  • Weatherproof

Special Applications

  • Suitable for listed buildings
  • Old and new buildings
  • External and internal plaster
without cement
non hydrophobic
Lime plaster aerodurit® KP2060

At a glance

Machine processing Machine
Manual processing Manual
External and internal plaster External and
internal plaster
Easy processing Easy

aerodurit® Characteristics

Renovation, wall dehumidification70%

New buildings, renovation, ecological100%

Thermal insulation, listed buildings80%

Accelerated construction process, durability70%

Article no. Grain size Appearance Product yield (20 mm application thickness) Container Supply unit quantity
ad0400 0 – 1.8 mm Light grey ca. 30 kg/m²; 30 kg bag = ca. 1.2 m² 30 kg paper bag 42 pc. / euro pallet


KP2060 Micropore Air-Lime Plaster

aerodurit® PHOENIX Lime Thermal Insulation Plaster System


Micropore plaster

High diffusivity (sealed and permeable at the same time) as a precautionary measure in case of high strain due to room climate or weather



Carbonates (hardens) up to 10 times faster than conventional lime plasters and thus accelerates the construction process



Suitable for storerooms, churches, cellars, historical buildings, agricultural rooms and wet rooms, as well as renovations relevant to listed buildings


Machine processing

Due to its microporous structure and very low addition of natural cellulose (< 1 ‰), aerodurit® KP2060 can be processed very well with plastering machines

New experience of lime plaster

Micropore air-lime plaster – more than just lime mortar

Nature is the best builder: our modern, ecological air-lime plaster offers numerous advantages during application – without the disadvantages of classic lime mortars. aerodurit® KP2060 micropore air-lime plaster has more than earned the title “Best aerodurit® lime plaster”. Due to its convincing properties, our lime plaster is ideally suited for refurbishment, renovation and new buildings. It can be used in many different ways: for interiors and facades as well as for base and finishing plaster. Trust in the advantages of aerodurit® KP2060 micropore air-lime plaster.

Plastering with lime – not always problem-free

Simple lime mortar was used as a building material, especially in the context of the early industrialisation period and the associated construction of rented flats on a large scale. It was at this time that the term “dry dwellers” was born: people lived “dry” flats by supplying heat and carbon dioxide (CO2) because the walls had not yet completely dried and hardened. The lime plaster used at that time still released moisture during its hardening phase. Houses plastered with this mortar took several months to become habitable and completely dry, even under good environmental conditions. “Dry living" was extremely harmful to health and for a long time gave lime plaster a negative image.

However, modern lime plasters only have the base lime in common with the lime mortar of past times.

Advantage through micropore technology

Lime plaster hardens with the help of carbon dioxide − and our highly capillary-active, highly breathable microporous plaster is particularly CO2-hungry. Due to its micropore structure, the carbonation (hardening) occurs holistically over the entire plaster structure, instead of slowly from the plaster surface to the inside, as is the case with conventional lime plasters. This is why aerodurit® KP2060 hardens up to ten times faster than conventional lime plasters: drying and standing times are generally shortened and, in exterior areas, the plastered facade is robust and weatherproof much faster.

Creates healthy living – regulates damp room climate

With aerodurit® KP2060, healthy living is no longer a dream, but everyday life. aerodurit® KP2060 not only dries out very quickly, but it also regulates the climate in damp rooms. Due to its improved concentration balance, aerodurit® KP2060 is ideally suited for areas with high humidity such as bathrooms and utility rooms, storage rooms, cellars, churches, historical buildings and agricultural rooms, as well as renovations relevant to the protection of listed buildings.

The high PH value (> 12) produces a germicidal effect, meaning that mould caused by moisture no longer has a breeding ground. In new buildings, aerodurit® KP2060 can be used as a precautionary measure in case of high strain by indoor room climate or weather outside. aerodurit® KP2060 creates the basis for healthy room air, which only the building material lime offers in this form.


Lime plaster in the bedroom - Feel-good climate

Ease of plastering

aerodurit® KP2060 micropore air-lime plaster is a lime plaster which does not require cement as a binding material. This natural product creates a biological and sustainable natural, healthy living environment. Another great strength of aerodurit® KP2060 is its processing: the fine microporous structure was supplemented by a very small addition of natural cellulose (< 0.1%). The result is a mortar matrix that can be processed excellently with all common plastering machines. Due to its increased cohesion, aerodurit® KP2060 provides adhesion to all substrates suitable for plastering. Since it is non-hydrophobic, the carbonation (hardening) takes place very fast.

Lime plaster at its best

As a building material that is thousands of years old, lime impresses in its modern form with optimal properties that make it the first choice especially for refurbishments, renovations and new buildings. aerodurit® KP2060 is ecological, sustainable and breathable − absolutely no comparison to the problematic lime mortar of past times!

aerodurit® KP2060 micropore air-lime plaster takes a top position among modern lime plasters. Our lime plaster hardens especially fast, which is not only beneficial for the air in the room and the health of the living environment: in new buildings and renovations time is an extremely limited resource, therefore the use of aerodurit® KP2060 also represents an economic benefit.

Trust in lime plaster

Rediscover the building material lime now. It is in no way reminiscent of the delayed carbonation of past eras. Whether as a base or finishing plaster, the efficient aerodurit® KP2060 micropore air-lime plaster replaces conventional lime plasters and establishes a new era of high-quality lime building materials. The ecologically sustainable building, renovation and refurbishment of the present and the future also means building with lime plaster.

Opt for aerodurit® KP2060 micropore air-lime plaster – the indoor air and the living climate will thank you.

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