From henhouse to residential building

From henhouse to residential building - A story with a happy end

From a henhouse to a tiny home. Impossible? Find out all about this very personal project, told in the words of a happy building owner.

Successful renovation instead of demolition

»Thanks to aerodurit®, I have a fantastic room climate and a warm and cosy space. Thank you, aerodurit®; I will gladly consult your company again and highly recommend you!«

The problem

Restoration before

»The former henhouse of the farm, with 25 m² floor space, built of hollow concrete blocks, was to become my home. At first, everything seemed fine, the chicken manure was cleaned out, the old brick floor was removed and the earth soaked with manure was shoveled out. One day the architect came to see the building, frowned and gave me the good advice to demolish the building and rebuild it because, in her opinion, I would never get the smell of ammonia out of the walls.

Restoration before

'If you heat it in winter, it will smell like chicken manure forever', she said. My dream was shattered: I wanted to keep the chicken house as it was, not make a huge effort, tear it down and rebuild it because that would be too much for me...«

The solution with aerodurit®

»Everything was put on hold for a while as I had lost the desire to build. Until, one day, the aerodurit® representative set foot into the muffling stable and confidently announced: ‘No problem at all, with our plaster, nothing will stink in here anymore!’ It was worth a try, and I couldn’t do much wrong. So I ordered the plaster, put it on the walls and finished the rest of the house. The smell of chicken manure was gone. The first winter came, the wood-burning stove was fired up, and even with the wonderful 25 degrees inside and the freezing cold outside, nothing smelled. I was very lucky indeed!«

Biological heat insulation

Restoration after

»However, in the first winter, it also became clear that I had to take care of thermal insulation of the walls. The heat loss through the masonry, which was neither plastered nor insulated on the outside, was too great. I gave it some thought and was recommended the option of insulating the walls with wood fibre boards. Elaborate, quite expensive, it should be organic, and I wanted it to look like a small Greek house, so it had to be plastered as well...

That was again too much for me and, as before, I called the people at aerodurit®, hoping for a good idea. They seemed to have grown fond of me and my chicken house because they didn’t pass up on the opportunity to visit me on site. They unpacked all their different measuring instruments and explained to me that it would be enough to apply another layer of plaster as thermal insulation. Done!

Restoration after

Unbelievable – my craftsman looked at me quite incredulously when I explained what I wanted from him. He strongly doubted that this would work. But because aerodurit® had saved me once before, no matter how daring and unconventional their ideas, I trusted them this time and was not disappointed! The plaster is on and it is wonderful!! The next winter, the comparison was clear to see: it made a difference of 6 degrees!

Thanks to aerodurit®, I have a fantastic room climate and a warm and cosy space. Thank you, aerodurit®; I will gladly consult your company again and highly recommend you!«

before restorationafter restoration

The problem solvers

Entfeuchtungsputz aerodurit® EP2010 Kalkzement Mikroporen Spezial-Sanierputz

aerodurit® EP2010
Lime-Cement Micropore Specialised Restoration Plaster

Our bestseller. Mineral, non-hydrophobic renovating plaster (active dehumidifying) for permanent problem solution in the case of moisture and mould. High salt resistance, water repellent and very resistant to freeze-thaw changes. High daily output due to the elimination of downtimes and homogeneous plaster structure.

aerodurit® EP2010

Natural thermal insulation with aerodurit® AURORA thermal insulation plaster

aerodurit® AURORA
Lime-Cement Thermal Insulation Restoration Plaster

It is time for a return to natural building materials. Our highly breathable wall insulation plaster (WLG 055) is our answer to the trend towards »sealing off« against nature and the environment. Experience thermal insulation without biocides and polystyrene.

aerodurit® AURORA

aerodurit® SOLAMENT CLIMATE silicate paint

Silicate Paint Interior And Exterior

System-compatible, mineral, solvent-free silicate paints based on high-quality silicates. High diffusivity combined with thermal insulation and regulation. Our insulation paint is also available with silver particles to fight existing mould infestation.


Mineral primer aerodurit® CALSOL NATURE M

Mineral Primer

To ensure that the basis for all aerodurit® products is perfect: Our system-compatible mineral primer is of the highest biological quality and forms the optimal base for the perfect plaster structure. Highly breathable and easy to apply. Available in fine and coarse grain sizes.



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