aerodurit® CALSOL NATURE iE lime paint

Perfect interaction of all elements

Pure nature - our wall all-rounder. Mineral lime paint of the highest biological quality. Climate-regulating with simultaneous improvement of the thermal insulation and storage values. Also for damp areas, agricultural rooms and listed building renovations.

Our lime paint is the perfect finishing touch

Non-chalking, weather-resistant lime paint without organic additives especially for listed buildings

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Climatic Limewash Paint


  • aerodurit® system-compatible
  • Heat reflection effect through thermal pigmentation
  • Thermo-insulating, thermo-regulating
  • Non-chalking
  • Regulates humidity and room climate
  • Without organic additives
  • High diffusivity
  • Natural, biological, sustainable
  • Weatherproof

Special Applications

  • Suitable for listed buildings
  • Old and new buildings
  • Interior and exterior paint
heat reflection
highly breathable
aerodurit® CALSOL NATURE iE lime paint

At a glance

Machine processing Machine
Manual processing Manual
External and internal paint External and
internal paint
High daily performance High daily performance

aerodurit® Characteristics

Renovation, wall dehumidification90%

New buildings, renovation, ecological100%

Thermal insulation, listed buildings90%

Accelerated construction process, durability80%

Article no. Appearance Product yield (per coat) Container Supply unit quantity
ad0520 White; tintable from 140-280 g/m² 5 kg bucket (4 l) 85 pc. / euro pallet
ad0530 White; tintable from 140-280 g/m² 10 kg bucket (8 l) 40 pc. / euro pallet
ad0540 White; tintable from 140-280 g/m² 20 kg bucket (16 l) 24 pc. / euro pallet
The actual consumption can be determined by means of a test coat.


CALSOL NATURE iE Climatic Limewash Paint

aerodurit® PHOENIX Lime Thermal Insulation Plaster System

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Micropore Air-Lime Plaster

Our all-rounder. Tension-free and highly breathable lime plaster without cement and pozzolanic additives, which is also characterised by increased cohesion and good adhesion to the substrate. aerodurit® KP2060 is, of course, non-hydrophobic, and will convince you with its fast carbonation (hardening) and excellent processing with plastering machines.


aerodurit® IMPERARE Pro High End Kalkglätte

aerodurit® CALSOL
High End Smooth Lime Wall Finish

Smoother is impossible! Purely biomineral lime wall special smoother (smooth lime wall finish) made of limestone powder, lime sand and high-quality hydrated white lime for smooth, super-white interior surfaces, especially for the restoration of listed buildings. Very hard, scratch-resistant, durable and highly breathable.


Premium lime finish aerodurit® CALSOL NATURE KEP

aerodurit® CALSOL
Restoration Lime Finishing Plaster

Fine or rough - a matter of taste! Biologically designed, high-quality lime finish plaster based on slaked lime in four different grain sizes. It is diffusive, completely silicified with all mineral substrates, solvent-free and non-chalking, with fast carbonation and good weather resistance.


Lime thermal insulation plaster aerodurit® PHOENIX

aerodurit® PHOENIX
Lime Thermal Insulation Renovation Plaster

The Phoenix stands for heat and regenerative power. Experience the rebirth of sustainable, purely natural insulation without polystyrene etc. Our thermal insulation plaster is completely chemical-free. Perfect for old and new buildings: highly breathable and resistant to damp and salt.



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