Suitable for facades and damp areas - aerodurit® BASIC

Teamwork. Achieving your goal more effectively.

Nature as a model. Economical addition to aerodurit® EP2010 and ZEP2040 to finish remaining areas above the moisture zone or as a high-quality facade plaster. Also ideal for interior rooms with high humidity. Save yourself the rest!

The plaster for facades and humid areas

Our team player with excellent humidity and climate regulating properties, which is also convincing as a single product

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Lime-Cement Moisture Control Plaster


  • aerodurit® system-compatible
  • Economical addition to aerodurit® EP2010 and ZEP2040
  • Regulates the micro-climate in damp rooms
  • High diffusivity
  • No stand time between individual layers
  • Anti-mould effect

Special Applications

  • Rooms with high humidity (e.g. utility rooms, kitchens, bathrooms)
  • Remaining areas above moisture zone up to the full room height (aerodurit® system-compatible)
  • Quick-drying of the facade even after heavy rain
  • Object-related for listed buildings
  • Old and new buildings
  • External and internal plaster
highly breathable
non hydrophobic
Suitable for facades and damp areas - aerodurit® BASIC

At a glance

Machine processing Machine
Manual processing Manual
External and internal plaster External and
internal plaster
High daily performance High daily performance

aerodurit® Characteristics

Renovation, wall dehumidification70%

New buildings, renovation, ecological80%

Thermal insulation, listed buildings50%

Accelerated construction process, durability80%

Article no. Grain size Appearance Product yield (20 mm application thickness) Container Supply unit quantity
ad0030 0–1.8 mm Hellgelb ca. 30 kg/m²; 30 kg bag = ca. 1.2 m² 30 kg paper bag 42 pc. / euro pallet


BASIC Lime-Cement Moisture Control Plaster
CS II / DIN EN 998-1 (DIN V 18550)

Regulates the micro-climate in damp rooms

Save yourself the rest!

Outstanding properties for the regulation of humidity and room climate are the hallmark of aerodurit® BASIC. Based on an adapted lime line, a small amount of cement in combination with our proven aerodurit® additives, aerodurit® BASIC was developed as an economical addition to aerodurit® EP2010 and ZEP2040 to finish remaining areas above the moisture zone. It serves as a preventive measure in case of high stress caused by room climate or weather conditions, while at the same time improving thermal insulation and storage values.

Cannot be used as a dehumidifying restoration plaster/dehumidifying plaster.

No fellow traveller of the stars

Our indoor and outdoor plaster aerodurit® BASIC is primarily intended to be easy on your wallet, but as a complement to the dream pairing aerodurit® EP2010 and aerodurit® ZEP2040 tp be used above the moisture zone, it must necessarily also be a top performer.

Principle of concentration balance

Like all our plasters, aerodurit® BASIC is highly breathable and has excellent moisture and climate regulating properties. These properties ensure rapid drying after rain or heavy rain and make it the ideal facade plaster. In rooms with high humidity (e.g. utility rooms, kitchens, bathrooms), it absorbs excess moisture and releases it again like a kind of buffer when the humidity drops.

Strong and effective together

Entfeuchtungsputz aerodurit® EP2010 Kalkzement Mikroporen Spezial-Sanierputz

aerodurit® EP2010
Lime-Cement Micropore Specialised Restoration Plaster

Our bestseller. Mineral, non-hydrophobic renovating plaster (active dehumidifying) for permanent problem solution in the case of moisture and mould. High salt resistance, water repellent and very resistant to freeze-thaw changes. High daily output due to the elimination of downtimes and homogeneous plaster structure.

aerodurit® EP2010

aerodurit® ZEP2040 – Our dehumidifying footing plaster

aerodurit® ZEP2040
Cement Micropore Specialised Restoration Plaster

The big brother of aerodurit® EP2010 - the perfect team when the going gets tough. Mineral, non-hydrophobic dehumidifying plaster for drying walls and as a preventive measure in damp areas. High impact resistance and salt resistance make it the ideal hardwall plaster (footing plaster).

aerodurit® ZEP2040

aerodurit® SOLAMENT CLIMATE silicate paint

Silicate Paint Interior And Exterior

System-compatible, mineral, solvent-free silicate paints based on high-quality silicates. High diffusivity combined with thermal insulation and regulation. Our insulation paint is also available with silver particles to fight existing mould infestation.


Mineral primer aerodurit® CALSOL NATURE M

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To ensure that the basis for all aerodurit® products is perfect: Our system-compatible mineral primer is of the highest biological quality and forms the optimal base for the perfect plaster structure. Highly breathable and easy to apply. Available in fine and coarse grain sizes.



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