We can't save your possessions after a flood, but maybe we can save your home!

No rescue in sight? Demolish and rebuild or maintain and refurbish? This is not an easy decision, because often the necessary experience is missing to sustainably and safely solve problems caused by flood and water damage. aerodurit® is your experienced partner for restoration after flooding.


When the dams break, we are there for you

Flood Demolition

Expensive renovation? Demolition? No!

After a flood or heavy rainfall, the financial difference between demolition and restoration is often only marginal. Nevertheless, many injured parties accept the complex problems of renovation because demolishing their own home is too emotionally stressful and painful.

Do not give up hope! We help you to keep costs under control as efficiently as possible. Our building materials are up to the greatest challenges, especially in this area, meaning that demolition can usually be avoided, even if it is often suggested. There is (almost) always a solution, you just have to find it.

Flood mould

Moisture, mold and odour development

Damp walls after a flood are only part of the problem. The »soup« that threatens your home is heavily contaminated; the floodwater often carries faeces, chemicals, germs, heating oil, etc.

Of course, it always depends on the individual case and the result of a differentiated damage analysis, but we often find sustainable solutions to problems when all hope already seems to be lost. Beginning to despair? Then try us! Ask the aerodurit® restoration experts.

We won´t leave you standing in the rain.

Nature takes, nature gives...

As a victim of flooding etc., you probably aren’t too keen on nature at the moment, but it offers you a sustainable solution to your problem. No magic: We use the simplest physical laws and make nature our ally. The special construction materials from aerodurit® (special restoration plaster/dehumidifying plaster) can, in many cases, save your building substance naturally and without synthetic chemicals.

Get your home back

Don’t demolish, renovate. The masonry is not always so badly damaged that it has to be completely replaced. With our special building materials, we can often help quickly and safely, as impressively demonstrated by numerous and varied long-term reviews from flood regions. Your home will be habitable again faster than you might think.

Save your time and money

Effective, sustainable drainage after water damage due to flooding is extremely cost-intensive with conventional measures - money that you actually need for new furnishings, furniture and equipment. With aerodurit®, you have a partner with experience and expertise at your side to help you save your building structure cost-effectively and in a timely manner after flooding or heavy rainfall.

Preventive protection for your masonry

With the diffusivity (sealed and permeable at the same time) of our micropore technology, we solve moisture and mould problems in a sustainable and ecological way. Our micropore special restoration plasters (dehumidification plasters) are extremely resistant to chemical attack and renewed moisture penetration. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent flooding, but with our building materials, your home is best prepared for it!

The renovation professionals

Entfeuchtungsputz aerodurit® EP2010 Kalkzement Mikroporen Spezial-Sanierputz

aerodurit® EP2010
Lime-Cement Micropore Specialised Restoration Plaster

Our bestseller. Mineral, non-hydrophobic renovating plaster (active dehumidifying) for permanent problem solution in the case of moisture and mould. High salt resistance, water repellent and very resistant to freeze-thaw changes. High daily output due to the elimination of downtimes and homogeneous plaster structure.

aerodurit® EP2010

aerodurit® ZEP2040 – Our dehumidifying footing plaster

aerodurit® ZEP2040
Cement Micropore Specialised Restoration Plaster

The big brother of aerodurit® EP2010 - the perfect team when the going gets tough. Mineral, non-hydrophobic dehumidifying plaster for drying walls and as a preventive measure in damp areas. High impact resistance and salt resistance make it the ideal hardwall plaster (footing plaster).

aerodurit® ZEP2040

Suitable for facades and damp areas - aerodurit® BASIC

aerodurit® BASIC
Lime-Cement Moisture Control Plaster

The best option! Economical addition to aerodurit® EP2010 and ZEP2040 to close remaining areas above the moisture zone or as high-quality exterior plaster (facade plaster). Also ideal for interior rooms with high humidity. Not suitable as dehumidifying plaster.

aerodurit® BASIC

aerodurit® SOLAMENT CLIMATE silicate paint

Silicate Paint Interior And Exterior

System-compatible, mineral, solvent-free silicate paints based on high-quality silicates. High diffusivity combined with thermal insulation and regulation. Our insulation paint is also available with silver particles to fight existing mould infestation.


aerodurit® AS202X Micropore screed

aerodurit® AS202X
High End Micropore Screed

All-in-one! Laying screed has never been so easy and effective: versatile as a quick screed, lightweight cement screed, insulating screed or heated screed. Accelerated construction process due to high daily output and good levelling properties. Suitable for damp rooms, permanently wet areas, renovation and refurbishment work.


Mineral primer aerodurit® CALSOL NATURE M

Mineral Primer

To ensure that the basis for all aerodurit® products is perfect: Our system-compatible mineral primer is of the highest biological quality and forms the optimal base for the perfect plaster structure. Highly breathable and easy to apply. Available in fine and coarse grain sizes.


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